Экскурсии кафедры ТППК в библиотеку имени В. В. Маяковского

Несколько понедельников подряд для наших студентов в рамках занятий проводились экскурсии на английском языке в библиотеке имени В. В. Маяковского. Традиция была заложена еще в доковидное время и успешно пережила локдаун.

Кафедра Технического перевода и профессиональных коммуникаций рада продолжению сотрудничества между ВШПМ и отделом иностранной литературы публичной библиотеки!

Студенты также из года в год с удовольскием посещают экскурсии и пишут отзывы на английском языке. Приводим ниже несколько из них.

 The purpose of our excursion was to get acquainted with the main library building, especially for nonresident students. I was just planning to visit this place in the near future, so it's a great coincidence that a tour from the university was organized for us. Our guide briefly told us about the history of the library and its modern activities, showed us all the main rooms and answered all our questions.

The library has recently been renovated: the building has become very nice and cozy. Many systems are now automated, including the cloakroom and the receipt and return of books. It was the first time I have been in such a modern library, and it was a very interesting experience.

Илья Омельяненко, 1-ГИД-20

The library looks very modern and very beautiful. Large windows, glass staircase and elevator. The library has many shelves with a variety of books and there are also places for co-working. The excursion guide told us not much about the history of the library. You can visit Vladimir Mayakovsky Central City Public Library not only for an excursion, but simply for a cozy and modern place for study and work, where you can stay in silence and concentrate.

Мария Севальникова, 1-ГИД-20

In the library we were told about the possibility of participating in conversational clubs held in different languages: English, French, etc. We were also shown several floors and halls with books dedicated to different fields of study. You can study at the tables, as well as watch a movie in a foreign language at the appointed hours. Moreover, the library has several brunches in the city, so readers can order the necessary literature and pick it up wherever it is convenient for them. It seems to me that the list of services offered by the library is worthy of attention. The first visit allowed us to form a positive impression of both the place itself and the work of the staff. For me, the Vladimir Mayakovsky Central City Public Library has become the place I want to return to.

Анастасия Шумелянко, 1-ГИД-20

I really liked it there. Such a large space for reading and working is simply amazing! Also, I was surprised by how many people come to the library nowadays, there were really a lot of them. The most interesting thing for me was the location of the floors and the atmosphere there. The library contains such a large number of books that I have never seen before. In any case, I can always use it for co-working and finding reference materials for the university.

Вячеслав Воронков, 1-ГИД-13

Most of all on the tour I remember the phrase that the library is the third place after home and work. There is very beautiful interior and comfortable atmosphere in the library. And there is also a cute black cat. I would love to visit the library again. I want to get a library card there soon. I am going to use the resources of the library, because I am sure that there you can find a lot of interesting and useful things both for yourself and for study.

Ирина Бобкова, 1-ГИД-13

This week I managed to visit a place where you can delve into the world of various literature. I was incredibly impressed by the fact that the library contains books in 109 languages. It is also very convenient that there are books of various categories from fiction to scientific and educational literature. This is the place where you can come to study, work, relax, reboot or just read and enjoy the atmosphere created there.

Елизавета Меркушева, 1-ГИД-13

I like that the excursion was held in English, the guide spoke clearly and I understand every word. I also found out that the cat’s name that living there is Lilya Brik. The most interesting thing for me during excursion was the information about branches with literature in different languages. Of course, I will visit the library again because I have a lot of homework to do. I have already used the library resources for report on the history of advertising and I also plan to bring some books about history of Russia to prepare for the exam.

Снежанна Лексина, 1-ГИД-13

On Monday together with my classmates I visited the restored Vladimir Mayakovsky Central City Public Library for the first time.  The first thing that catches your eye is the modern interior and beautiful furniture.  The library is equipped with new technologies, now you don’t need the librarian to borrow or return the book.  This will save not only time, but also library resources.  In addition to a huge number of books, the library has a co-working space, which is also great, as it introduces young people to reading books.  There is a wonderful cat in the library, very beautiful, but modest, it was not possible to cuddle him. 

София Остроумова, 1-ГИД-13